Australian Defence CTO to become new Immigration CIO

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship will replace outgoing CIO Tony Kwan with Defence CTO Matthew Yannopoulos.

After two and a half years in the role, Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) CIO Tony Kwan will retire, to be replaced by the Department of Defence's chief technology officer Matthew Yannopoulos.

(Credit: Department of Defence)

DIAC confirmed in a statement today that Yannopoulos will start on October 7. According to his LinkedIn profile, Yannopoulos has been the designate CIO since this month, but will be taking a few weeks to "learn a little of the business first".

A spokesperson for the Department of Defence confirmed a report that Yannopoulos finished up at the end of last week, with his role currently being temporarily filled by Major General Michael Milford.

Yannopoulos replaces Kwan, who came over to the role in 2011 from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Yannopoulos himself has had an extensive history in the federal government, dating back to 1990, including an extensive stint in the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) working on its massive IT refresh program known as the Change Agenda .

During that time, Yannopoulos worked closely with the then-second commissioner of the ATO, Greg Farr, who went on to become the Department of Defence CIO in 2007 , and then created the CTO role to help address the lack of a technology road map within the department. Farr's natural pick was Yannopoulos , who worked under the CIO until Farr left the Department of Defence last year. Farr was replaced by Origin Energy's group manager of IT energy markets Dr Peter Lawrence at the end of 2012.

This year alone, Yannopoulos has been overseeing a major overhaul of the department's desktop fleet, replacing multiple desktops per user with a single thin-client desktop.