Australian government to require open-source options

A new policy will require Australian government agencies to consider open-source options for projects over AU$80,000, as well as increasing activity in open-source communities

Australia's government agencies should actively participate in open-source communities and will be required to consider open-source options equally when going to tender, under new policy announced by special minister of state Gary Gray.

The new policy, announced by Gray on the Australian Government Information Management Office blog on Thursday, asks agencies to include a provision in their procurement plans for projects over AU$80,000 (£50,350) that the agency will equally consider open-source software along with proprietary software. All procurement decisions will be based on "value for money", the policy states.

In addition to this, suppliers to government agencies will also be required to equally consider open-source solutions when sourcing requirements to respond to tender requests from government. The policy provided examples of clauses agencies could use to ensure suppliers take open-source software into account when responding to tender requests.

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