Australian Pirate Party announces Senate candidates

The Australian Pirate Party has announced which candidates will be vying for a seat in the Senate at the upcoming federal election.

The Australian Pirate Party has picked seven candidates from across four states, who it hopes to place in the Australian Senate this year.

Pirate Party president David Campbell and secretary Brendan Molloy will seek candidacy from New South Wales; Joe Miles and Geoff Hammett from Victoria; Melanie Thomas and Liam Pomfret from Queensland; and Thomas Randle from Tasmania.

The party told ZDNet earlier this year that its main focus will be on the Senate , rather than the House of Representatives.

"Australia needs strong representatives that actually stand for principles. I intend to be that representative, pushing back on the encroaching surveillance state of data retention and internet censorship, while offering positive and much-needed reform for copyright, digital liberties, and civil liberties," Molloy said in a statement.

The Pirate Party's tech-related policies currently include copyright and patent reform, digital liberties, and online privacy. The party's policy development committee is also in the process of writing a new policy on protecting personal privacy. Its does not yet have a formal policy looking specifically at the National Broadband Network (NBN), but its Digital Liberties policy indicates that the party would support a fibre to the premises model. The party hopes to expand its policies to greater focus on this issue in the future.

Further party candidates may be announced following its national congress in July.

The next federal election has been announced for September 14, 2013, but a writ of election has not yet been issued, meaning the date could potentially change. If changed, the latest date that an election could be held is November 30, 2013.