AuthorBee organizes your Twitter timeline by story topics

Users struggle to find the stories they want amongst the deluge of content flooding through their social streams. AuthorBee, launched today aims to make social stories accessible again.

New York based company AuthorBee has today launched a Twitter-integrated implementation for users to collect and aggregate posts into stories on the topics they care about based on the interests and stories they share.

AuthorBee organizes your Twitter timelines by story topics ZDNet

Timelines are noisy, taxing, ignorant and overwhelming for us, offering too much of what we don't care about, and missing too much of what we want to hear about.

The tool aims to provide a focus on the stories you care about, weaving content together based on the interests and stories we share.

The new platform, launched today, allows users and brands to cut through social noise to curate and manage content on the topics they are most interested in across social platforms.

AuthorBee organizes your Twitter timelines by story topics ZDNet

Currently available for Twitter and soon on other platforms, AuthorBee lets you follow topics of on-going interest across social media.

The web-based tool aggregates posts into a proprietary story format that allows users to discover and navigate of related social content in context.

The content is accessible from both AuthorBee and Twitter.

Engagement is captured across platforms, becoming part of the story.

Stories are gathered through combination of automated and personal curation. You can find communities of other social users sharing and engaging with stories around common interests.

Your stories appear in "My Stuff" in the menu under your username. You can assign stories to channels. Any message with that hashtag will be added to your story.

AuthorBee organizes your Twitter timelines by story topics ZDNet

Brands have posts organized for a campaign into stories on a "social landing page" which can be embedded into the brand's web site.

The brand can organize its social presence around the campaign, and add dynamic content to its web site.

The platform is also being made available for customization and white-label licensing from AuthorBee.

Stephen Bradley, founder and CEO of AuthorBee said: "We're here to be your Twitter curator and social DVR by aggregating posts from your timeline on the topics you specify into 'stories' that can be followed, archived, curated, shared with others and even co-created around interests, brands or campaigns."

The tool certainly gives a new outlook to Twitter topic curation. I like what I see so far and I will certainly be giving this a further look to access my Twitter feed and see what stories I have missed.