Autodesk CEO: 3D printing 'way overhyped'

It's been unappreciated by manufacturers for decades, the CEO argues, but it's not technology for the average home.


Autodesk CEO Carl Bass isn't the first one you'd think of to criticize 3D printing, but the executive says that 3D printing "has been way overhyped."

Autodesk, one of the leading 3D design and engineering companies, recently launched the open-source Spark 3D printing platform and its own 3D printer. The company obviously sees merit within the industry, but the president and CEO of the company believes some uses of the technology have been overblown.

3D printing, the use of specialist CAD software and layering to build and print three-dimensional objects, "has been way overhyped," according to the Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. Speaking at the O'Reilly Solid conference in San Francisco on Thursday, the executive said that 3D printer's true potential lies within manufacturing and industrial uses, "way underappreciated up until now," but will not become a revolution within our homes.

We may like the idea of printing off our own gadgets and toys at home, but this is likely to remain in the realm of enthusiasts rather than become a common occurrence in the future. Bass said:

"I think in the long run, if we look, the value that will be there is in the industrial use of 3D printing. That's where it is really going to make a difference. "

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