Autodesk launching group messaging app for iOS, Android

Autodesk Instant provides yet another medium for collaboration among colleagues on mobile devices with a focus on project-based collaboration.


Already a dominant force in software for engineering and design, Autodesk is turning its attention where everyone is really looking these days: mobile.

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The Bay Area-based company already has quite a sizable mobile app portfolio, but this addition is one of Autodesk's first platforms that taps into another popular theme in enterprise technology today, which would be collaboration.

Autodesk Instant is a group messaging app for the workplace on iOS and Android, essentially another medium for sharing messages, photos, video and location.

Colleagues can launch conversations with anyone in their address books or even with any other user who has verified his or her email address via the app.

Autodesk reps touted that the app is aimed at all professionals, but naturally a priority is the software brand's existing user base.

Along with promising management control to IT administrators as well as future integration with other web-based tools, Autodesk asserted that Instant would also benefit businesses as a "a cheaper alternative to SMS."

Built for iOS and Android, Autodesk Instant now available.

Amid an ongoing full-fledged push into the cloud , Autodesk also recently commenced making its solutions available via web browsers.

In November , Autodesk tapped Amazon Web Services for help in bringing its bringing its 3D design, engineering, and entertainment tools to web browsers for the first time ever. That collective includes Autodesk Inventor, Revit, Maya and 3ds Max. Autodesk's Remote software suite will be supported on Amazon's on-demand EC2 GPU instances.