Automic upgrade business automation platform, expands scope

Automic launches a platform dubbed Continuous Everything that aims to automate a bigger chunk of enterprises.

Automic on Tuesday outlined an upgrade to its business automation platform dubbed Continuous Everything that aims to provide better self-service, orchestrate workflows and give developers more tools.

The company's platform is used by enterprises to automate various business functions and workflows. The core pitch from Automic is that businesses will need to automate most if not all processes as they transform to digital.

Automic's Continuous Everything revolves around service, delivery and operations. ADP is a reference customer. Here's the breakdown:

  • Continuous Service includes self service tools that enable business users to create workflows and automate processes without engineers. There is also integration with ServiceNow and other service packages. A self-service portal is available for business orchestrations.
  • Continuous Delivery is used for DevOps and to push code into production. Automic automates release of builds and packages. IT operations can control deployment timing and the pipeline. Self-service tools are available for quality control.
  • Continuous Operations features validated integration with Oracle and SAP applications as well as processes connecting to big data tools. Automic is also connecting to data center and private and public cloud infrastructure.

Automic said the modules are generally available. Pricing is on demand.