Avaya intros proactive management platform for midsize businesses

Outbound Contact Express is designed to improve call detection accuracy, thus reducing agent time, costs and streamlining operations.

Avaya is touting that it will offer contact centers a new and more "proactive" approach to managing the customer experience.

Dubbed Outbound Contact Express, the platform is a turnkey solution for managing resources, processes and technologies with the intent of turning around an optimal customer experience.

The product is designed to improve call detection accuracy through predictive and preview dialing algorithms, which should lead to more on-point agent scripting and definition around product campaigns.

Overall, the goals consist of reducing agent time and costs by streamlining these activities.

The unified communications company described Outbound Contact Express as an "all-in-one" product being that it has all the necessary hardware, software and support components included at purchasing.

Thus, Avaya is also framing the service as an alternative to multi-vendor options, possibly hoping to target companies with more limited IT resources for deployment and further management.

Avaya promised that Outbound Contact Express can be deployed within one to two days (versus 30 days) at mid-size businesses, with support for 25 to 250 agents and up to 500 trunks.

The Avaya Outbound Contact Express will roll out globally this month.