Avaya taps EMC, VMware for speeding up cloud connections

Avaya's cloud-based collaboration apps can now be delivered through a full stack, plug-and-play model that should be able to be deployed within hours, versus days or months.


Avaya is opening up its Collaboration Pods turnkey portfolio with a new full stack of solutions for speeding up access to its cloud-based apps.

Targeted toward both enterprise customers and cloud service providers, the Collaboration Pod for the Avaya Aura Virtualized Environments model is designed to be a framework for deploying real-time virtualized communication and collaboration applications. At the same time, the platform is also supposed to speed up and ease up access to public and private cloud environments.

With Tuesday's debut, the Collaboration Pods can now come with a full stack, plug-and-play collaboration platform that should be able to be deployed within hours, versus days or months. Thus, Avaya boasted that this should also reduce time wasted on planning, testing, and optimization.

To accomplish this, Avaya has tapped VMware, EMC and integrated technology from both partners with its own real-time applications.

That includes VMware's vSphere ESXi 5.0 compliant compute servers deployed in a high-availability cluster matched with its parent company's VNX 5300 unified storage array for storage area networking.

The Avaya Collaboration Pods are available now in the United States, Canada and across the European Union.