Avaya targets smaller enterprise teams with new video collaboration tools

Avaya is hoping to entice smaller enterprise teams and organizations with a new suite of video tools that require little to no IT help whatsoever.

Avaya is tapping into the potential for mobile workforces at smaller business with its latest suite of video collaboration services.

The unified communications provider promised that the platform, dubbed Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office, should be compatible with "virtually any network and device" for enabling video conferencing from desktop, mobile and HD room-system endpoints.

However, Avaya also specified this to mean desktop and mobile clients are available for PCs, Macs and "the most popular iOS and Android devices."

The platform sets up a virtual conference room that can hold up to eight users, with automatic firewall traversal enabling communication outside of company networks.

With the small to midsize enterprise market in mind, Avaya is framing the package as an all-in-one type scheme.

That is to say that Avaya is hoping to entice this group by promising a product that can be deployed easily and relatively immediately — a quality typically necessary at businesses with smaller IT departments, or none whatsoever.