​AWS adds mobile SDK for Xamarin to .NET tools

AWS has brought its SDK for the enterprise cross-platform tool Xamarin out of beta and bundled it with its .NET SDK.

Amazon Web Services has released a preview SDK that makes it easier for Xamarin developers to connect their apps to AWS services.

The preview launch moves AWS' mobile SDK for Xamarin out of beta. AWS released the software development kit last October to gather feedback on the toolset.

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Xamarin, aimed at mobile developers in the enterprise, is used to build applications in C# for iPhones, Android devices and Windows devices. The AWS SDK allows those developers to more easily connect to AWS resources, such as Amazon's identity management, cloud storage, managed databases, push notifications, and app analytics.

Given C# is the language preferred by Windows developers, AWS has bundled the Xamarin SDK with its previously released SDK for .NET developers. They'll be able to use Xamarin Studio IDE to write, test, and debug their code or use Microsoft's Visual Studio with the Xamarin plugin.

"The AWS Mobile SDKs for Xamarin allow you to use a shared C# codebase to connect your native Xamarin iOS and Android apps to any of these AWS services. For example, you can use Amazon Cognito Cloud Sync to synchronize app states between devices for a seamless, cross-device experience and use Amazon S3's cloud storage for easy access to critical documents and content," Xamarin said on its blog.

Xamarin has proved to be a popular partner for cloud rivals. Over the last two years it's developed a stronger relationship with Microsoft, supporting Microsoft's Portable Class Libraries and Shared Projects, as well discounts for MSDN subscribers.

The mobile company earlier this month announced a new partnership with Oracle, which should help it reach its core enterprise developers and give Oracle a leg up with mobile devs.

Under the deal with Oracle, Xamarin promised a new SDK for Oracle's mobile cloud service, and gained access to Oracle's Fusion Middleware customer base while Oracle gained an easier path to reach mobile developers. According to Xamarin, as of last November its platform was used at over 20,000 companies and more than 100 members of the Fortune 500.

Xamarin also combined its service for testing apps on devices in the cloud, Test Cloud and Insights services, with Oracle's analytics tools - a move that came as AWS announced its similar testing service called Device Farm.

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