​AWS Config comes to five new regions

After recently coming out of preview, AWS Config is now available in nine AWS regions, with a few feature updates.

AWS Config, Amazon's enterprise tool for monitoring AWS resources, is now available in five new regions - along with a few feature refinements.

AWS Config, announced as a preview at November's re:Invent shindig, is now available to enterprise customers that use AWS in Asia Asia Pacific regions served from Tokyo and Singapore, its US West region from Northern California, its South America region from Brazil, and its European region from Frankfurt.

Regions where AWS Config has been available since the service hit general availability in February included US East from Northern Virginia, Europe from Ireland, Asia Pacific from Sydney, and US West from Oregon.

AWS Config was launched to help enterprise users better track the state of resources and configurations that may be deployed in rapidly changing environments. Besides tracking AWS resources consumed, AWS Config uses AWS CloudTrail to record configurations and interdependencies to give users a snapshot of a dynamic environment at a specific point in time.

The managed service costs $3 per 1,000 configurations per month and is pitched as a way to help customers manage compliance auditing and respond to security incidents.

AWS has also updated its Simple Notification Service (SNS), which AWS Config uses to send notifications of changes that are also provided as a snapshot in its S3 storage.

AWS has now updated the optional SNS email subscription service to make messages more readable, and easier to filter and process with the user's chosen email client.

According to AWS spokesman Jeff Barr, the subject line now includes the region, resource type, resource id, the type of change - such as a create, update or delete - and the AWS account ID that made the change. The other new option is the ability to disable SNS notifications.

The cloud unit also left room for partners to add services on top of AWS Config. The current list of AWS Config partners include Red Hat and Splunk, as well as 2nd Watch, CloudCheckr, CloudNexa, Evident.IO, RedSeal Networks, and CloudTrail. The partners bring extra features for certain use cases, such as event management, security or visualising configuration changes.

LogStorage is now on board as an AWS Config partner, offering finer controls over searching through notifications, such as isolating individual fields and setting alerts based on the results. As noted by Barr, this could be useful for detecting when a launched EC2 instance doesn't confirm to a pre-approved Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

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