AWS expands Australian presence with new Melbourne location

Amazon Web Services is boosting its Australian presence, today announcing new locations in Melbourne, and an additional location at Global Switch's Sydney data centre.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced two new locations in Australia for Amazon CloudFront, Route 53, and Direct Connect services — one in Melbourne, and another at the Global Switch Sydney data centre in Ultimo.

According to AWS, its CloudFront and Route 53 customers have a new edge location in Melbourne, with the company flagging this as the second edge location in Australia after the one in Sydney, bringing the total number of worldwide edge locations to 52.

AWS hopes the new edge location will improve performance and availability for end users of customers' applications. It supports all Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 features at no additional cost, the company said.

Additionally, AWS Direct Connect customers now have a new location at Global Switch's Sydney data centre. This is the second Direct Connect location in Sydney, and brings the total number of locations to 12, according to AWS.

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery web service, while Route 53 is a scalable DNS web service, and connects user requests to infrastructure running in AWS.

Direct Connect allows users to establish a dedicated network connection from their premises to AWS, offering the ability to establish a private connection between AWS and a business's datacentre.

In a statement, AWS told users that if they had their own equipment running at Global Switch, they could use Direct Connect to optimise the connection to AWS.

If equipment was located elsewhere, the company said users could work with one of its APN Partners, including AAPT and Vocus, supporting Direct Connect to establish a connection from the users' locations to a Direct Connection location, and from there on to AWS.

Last week, AWS dropped the price of renting virtual machines from its EC2 service to a new low — introducing an option to hire low-powered machines suited to small web servers and developing apps, with the cost of hiring one of the new T2 instances starting at US$0.013 per hour, or US$9.50 per month.