AWS introduces infrequent access storage tier for S3

A storage tier between the standard Amazon Simple Storage Service offering and Amazon Glacier has been made available in all AWS regions from today.

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new storage class within its Simple Storage Service (S3) for infrequently accessed data, providing a middle ground between standard storage and long-term storage in Amazon Glacier.

Dubbed S3 Standard: Infrequent Access (Standard IA), the new storage option has a lower per gigabyte storage cost compared to standard storage, but a higher cost for data retrieval.

In the US, the storage cost is $0.0125 per GB, whereas in Singapore, data storage is priced at $0.02 per GB. In Sydney and Tokyo, storage costs are pinned at $0.019 per GB.

The pricing for requesting data is consistent worldwide: Data retrieval is priced at $0.01 per GB; $0.01 per 1,000 PUT, COPY, or POST requests; and $0.01 per 10,000 GET requests or 10,000 requests to move data into the Standard IA class.

"For billing purposes, objects that are smaller than 128 kilobytes are charged for 128 kilobytes of storage," AWS chief evangelist, Jeff Barr, said in a blog post.

"We believe that this pricing model will make this new storage class very economical for long-term storage, backups, and disaster recovery, while still allowing you to quickly retrieve older data if necessary.

"This new storage class inherits all of the existing S3 features that you know (and hopefully love), including security and access management, data life-cycle policies, cross-region replication, and event notifications."

Barr said that Standard IA has an availability service level of 99 percent.

In tandem with the Standard IA announcement, Amazon has reduced the cost of using its Glacier long-term storage offering by almost one-third.

"Effective September 1, 2015, we are reducing the price for data stored in Amazon Glacier from $0.01/gigabyte/month to $0.007/gigabyte/month," Barr wrote. "This price is for the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) regions."

In the Frankfurt and Sydney zones, Glacier pricing is set at $0.0120 per GB, and costs $0.0114 per GB in AWS' Tokyo region.

In July, Amazon announced that AWS had contributed $1.824 billion in revenue, an increase on the $1.005 billion made the same time last year.

Amazon expects to open an AWS infrastructure region in India next year.

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