AWS lands more enterprise software vendors building on its cloud

If AWS keeps landing independent software vendors such as Tibco, MicroStrategy, Infor and Informatica as all-in customers, most enterprises will be customers even if indirectly.

Amazon Web Services said that it has landed more enterprise software vendors going all-in and using its cloud platform to power their services.

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The company said Thursday that MicroStrategy, Software AG, Tibco and Onshape will deliver their software-as-a-service offerings on the AWS platform. Vendors including Infor, Informatica and Splunk are some of the other software vendors using AWS.

AWS' real end game is to land more enterprise customers even indirectly. If enough software providers build on AWS infrastructure you could be a customer and not even know it.

Meanwhile, the deals with independent software providers highlight how Amazon is building out its ecosystem. In recent years, AWS has been pushing its breadth of partners as a differentiator in the public cloud game.

Of the providers announced Thursday, most of them have an analytics, data integration and big data spin to them. AWS benefits as these software providers gradually move their offerings to its cloud.


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