AWS launches directory service, takes aim at Azure stronghold

Amazon Web Services' directory service will take on Microsoft Azure Active Directory Service in a scrum for centralized cloud identity management.

Amazon Web Services has launched a directory service that is designed to go head-to-head with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory Service.

The move highlights how a centralized directory is the keys to the identity management kingdom in the enterprise. As a result, cloud vendors will need to play the directory game. For Microsoft, Azure Active Directory plays a key role in retaining customers, moving Active Directory on-premise users to the cloud and being a linchpin in the software giant's enterprise mobility management plans.

Given the importance of a centralized directory, it's no surprise AWS wants to get into the mix.

In a blog post, AWS said its AWS Directory Service is designed to connect to an on-premise directory or set up a new one to centralize cloud identity. The overall goal is to set up single sign-on access easily. The AWS Directory Service has connectors for small and large groups.

Prices start at 5 cents an hour for small directories and 15 cents a hour for larger ones. Here's a look at the pricing. Users of Amazon WorkSpaces or Zocalo won't be charged for simple or connector directories registered with those services.

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