​AWS to refund Korean customers for network failure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will offer a 10 percent refund for November's bill for Korean customers who were affected by last month's network failure.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

AWS will offer a 10 percent refund in the next monthly bill of South Korean customers that were affected by last month's network failure in Seoul, the company announced.

The company suffered an hour-long network failure on November 22, which halted the services of major local online shopping malls and cryptocurrency exchanges.

AWS later said the error, which lasted 84 minutes, was caused by a DNS server error in some parts of Seoul.

Those who were affected will automatically get the refund credited into their next monthly bill, AWS Korea said.

It stressed that the security and data of customers were not compromised.

The initial belated response to the network failure and 20-day delay in announcing the refund have angered some customers.

AWS is widely used by South Korean firms due to its price-competitive services. The country's largest conglomerates, Samsung and Hyundai, use AWS services for their overseas operations, and more local firms have also started using the cloud vendor's services for local operations purposes.

Earlier this month, Korea Air announced that it was moving all of its data from datacentres to the cloud that Megazone Cloud -- an AWS Premier Partner -- and LG CNS will provide.

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