Axceler launches ViewPoint Enterprise; social visibility

Businesses want to be social, but how effective are they once they make the leap? U.S. firm Axceler wants to show them.

Photo courtesy Axceler

This morning, U.S. company Axceler launched its ViewPoint Enterprise product, a customizable, software-as-a-service dashboard that it says helps gives company visibility into social networks.

Not just any social networks, by the way—enterprise ones like Yammer, SharePoint, Box, Jive, and Chatter. The Boston-based firm says companies (75 percent of them, apparently) seek to be collaborative, but have little insight into how engaged employees really are. Its sleek dashboard is intended to give managers that 30,000-ft. view.

Axceler is known for its governance and administration products, particularly its ControlPoint governance tool for SharePoint; bringing that approach to the social space is an easy side-step for the company.

Specifically, ViewPoint shows the topics that are driving conversations, the number of users who have (or haven't) adopted the platforms and the most influential users in the organization. Plus, an array of engagement stats, from files shared to posts posted to likes liked.

The product, officially in "pre-release" (a silly qualifier; if it's out the door, it's out the door), only supports Yammer. The company plans to add the others "throughout the year" as it progresses toward a fully-baked product release in September.

Either way, it's free at the moment. Can't hurt to give it a try.