AZ speed cameras may put cops out of business

Governor wants to expand photo radar cameras but state senator will offer referendum to stop electronic traffic cops.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor
Are traffic cops becoming an endangered species? Scottsdale, AZ conducted a nine-month experiment of using photo-radar cameras on Loop 101 freeway to catch speeders. The experiment apparently was a success, as the city council just voted 5-1 to turn the cameras back on, The Arizona Republic reports.
The cameras generated more than $2.3 million for state coffers through citation surcharges during a nine-month test that ended Oct. 23. Scottsdale estimates the state will get another $1.69 million through June.

That has excited Gov. Janet Napolitano, who announced she intends to expand the technology throughout Arizona's highways. Napolitano said Scottsdale's experiment using convinced her that automated enforcement makes roads safer.

But the head of the state Senate Transportation Committee said the people should have a voice in whether they want to be policed by electronic traffic monitors. He intends to put a referendum on the ballot that would allow the voters to overrule the governor, The Arizona Star reported.

"Our government is based on government by the consent of the governed," he said. "So I think the governed should give their consent that they should be policed by photo radar."
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