Back the Ultima: a sweet looking universal smartphone holder

Can the Ultima succeed where others usually break?

The website, KickStarter, is known for allowing designers to come up with a great product, and then raise money to help it go mainstream. It has birthed many amazing creations and its latest, the Ultima, is claiming to be the "world's finest universal smartphone holder".

That's quite a claim, but if you watch the video below, you might start drinking the kool-aid. According to Nik Conomos, the company's founder:

The most exciting feature about 'Ultima' is its intuitive holding mechanism. To open you press and hold the release button then place your phone in the holder and press in the sides till desired hold. Once you press in the holder it cannot be pushed backwards until the release button has been pressed, even if you use force it will not move backwards!

I've seen plenty of these holders in the past, but the mechanism that he's talking about is always the first to fail. The holders are usually pretty inexpensive, so maybe the fact that he's making this out of high grade aluminum will be the differentiator?

If you have an interest in seeing the Ultima come to market, make a pledge at