Backupify launches backup service for Salesforce

Online backup specialist Backupify has launched a new backup service for Salesforce customers, giving users the option of grabbing all their data in one go

Online backup specialist Backupify launched Snapshot for Salesforce on Tuesday, providing a means of backing up Salesforce data in the cloud, while giving users the ability to grab all of the data as a download.

Backupify chief executive Rob May said, "More than 1,000 companies have used our Google Apps Snapshot product to download data from Google Apps. We interviewed those users and was the next service they wanted us to support."

"Salesforce Snapshot extracts the content from your Salesforce database, converts it to a collection of intuitive CSVs, compresses it all into an easy-to-extract ZIP file, and downloads it to your local machine," the company explains on its website.

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