Backupify opens cloud-to-cloud backup API to SaaS developers

The platform builds on technology used for Backupify's backup and recovery services for Google Apps,

Backupify is building on its success with cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services for Google Apps and by opening up its application programming interfaces (APIs) so that other software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers can create similar solutions. 

The Backupify Developer Platform, which has been in a beta test since earlier this year, is designed to let SaaS providers add backup features to their services in a matter of hours without requiring custom code. The backups are encrypted to the level of Backupify's own services.

Companies that have already started integrating Backupify's APIs into their services as an increased measure of secure data protection in the cloud include CRM company PipelineDeals, as well as cloud application developers including Smartsheet, Apptivo, Freshdesk and Mavenlink.

“The Backupify Developer Platform provides us with a simple, straightforward way to integrate proven backup capabilities, ensuring that our customers’ data is safe and secure,” noted JP Werlin, cofounder of PipelineDeals, in a statement. “We’re partnering with Backupify to give customers the exceptional backup protection they require and deserve.”

It's obviously up to SaaS providers to decide whether or not to charge for those backups. The price that Backupify charges for its own services is dramatically different: the professional version of the Google Apps offering starts at $3 per user per month; the basic version of the service starts at $99 per month for up to 50 users (plus $2 for additional users).

As of this writing, Backupify serves about 5,000 businesses, representing 200,000 users.

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