Badgeville adds gamification platform to Drupal

Websites powered by the popular open-source CMS can now create a more 'sticky' experience with Badgeville's user engagement tools.

Badgeville is a company that specialises in providing behaviour platforms — ways to measure and influence online user behaviour. These use proven techniques from social gaming, traditional loyalty programs and social networking. The shorthand term for this is gamification. Badgeville has just released Badgeville for Drupal, which the company says is the first gamification platform for the popular open-source content management system (CMS).

Once a customer has signed up for the product, Badgeville enables them to populate their admin console with key Drupal-based behaviours such as posting, voting, commenting and so on. Within the admin console, customers can assign specific point values that users earn for performing those behaviours, and can configure specific rewards that they want to enable, along with the specific Drupal behaviours that will unlock them.

In this screenshot the Pundit Achievement banner at the bottom rewards the poster for their contribution.

The cost of Badgeville for Drupal varies depending on the use case and the size of the client company.

According to Badgeville, "Badgeville for Drupal can drive and reward myriad behaviors, including starting discussion forums, writing and replying to blog posts, and commenting. By creating a more sticky experience on top of Drupal's rich content tools, companies leveraging Badgeville for Drupal can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention."

Online media site Mother Nature Network, a site dedicated to environmental news, is already using Badgeville for Drupal to power The Nest, a social loyalty program.


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