BadgeVille rolls out gamification SDK for iOS, Android

If you’ve been thinking, “Hmm, how can I gamify my mobile apps?” -- BadgeVille purports to have the answer.

If you’ve been thinking, “Hmm, how can I gamify my mobile apps?” -- BadgeVille purports to have the answer. Today, the company officially releases its Mobile Software Development Kit for iOS and Android devices.

“Gamification’s greatest potential is in its ability to track and reward user behavior across any device or application, whether that be on web, mobile, or connected device,” says BadgeVille CEO Kris Duggan.

Deloitte & Touche, a name brand financial consulting firm, has employed BadgeVille mobile to enable geo-location, which works in conjunction with an internal system where consultants are rewarded for checking in, FourSquare-style, when they visit clients. While the idea of your bosses being able tracking your every move sounds a little Big Brotherish, Duggan says that the Deloitte program has injected a little more fun, e.g. friendly competition, into employees’ jobs and helped the consultants from different parts of the company connect in ways they hadn’t before.

BadgeVille is the first to release an mobile gamification SDK on the market, not counting game-centric applications like Apple’s GameCenter and GREE. “Those are for companies who want to be part of a game network,” Duggan says, “but what if you’re a brand or a media company?” There’s nothing out there that can satisfy that demand, he says.

Considering how many people tote around smartphones and tablets these days (Morgan Stanley reports that by 2014, mobile web usage will dominate traditional desktop usage), it only makes sense to assume that companies are pushing harder than ever to establish a mobile presence, and possibly a gamified mobile presence at that.

BadgeVille might be the first company with a mobile SDK, but I’m sure we’ll see like-minded companies following suit in the not-too-distant future.


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