Baidu: 76.7 percent of China mobile traffic on 2G

In its quarterly trends study, the Chinese Internet company finds majority of traffic to its mobile search engine still on 2G, but has dropped from 82.4 percent in previous quarter.

Due to the massive 2G userbase in China, the majority of mobile Internet users in the country still choose to access the Internet on the older technology, said Baidu.

Released Wednesday, "Baidu Mobile Internet Development Trends Report" for the third quarter of 2012 noted 76.7 percent of mobile Internet users accessed the Web using 2G technology. It added that 19.8 percent of mobile traffic were on 3G while 3.5 percent were on Wi-Fi.

The findings were based on traffic to Baidu's mobile search during the third quarter.

Baidu explained that the high percentage of 2G user was due to the massive 2G user base in China but noted the ratio was declining. In the same quarter in 2011, the percentage of users on 2G was at 91.6 percent.

Guangdong leads in overall mobile traffic
Baidu added that the most mobile traffic, 14.5 percent, came from Guangdong. Beijing was second with 7.5 percent share while Shanghai region was third at 6.8 percent.

The Internet company explained that the level of traffic was due to the levels of maturity for the smartphone market in the different areas.