Baidu to launch Thai search engine in 2014

The Chinese Internet giant will roll out its search engine and other products for the Thai market, which is among its overseas expansion priorities that also includes Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt.

Baidu will launch a search engine next year customized for Thailand, which features among its priority markets for overseas expansion.


Thailand's Internet business has high potential for growth, fuelled particularly by the availability of high-speed broadband service, said Baidu's global marketing director Richard Lee, in a Bangkok Post report.

"We are committed to continue investing in Thailand with no concerns about the current political uncertainty," Lee told the news agency. He pointed out up to 65 percent of Thailand's 25 million Internet users used Baidu products and services, which it is looking to monetize through online advertising.

The Thai-language search engine has been almost three years in development, according to Lee. There will also be Thai versions of eight of its other popular products including anti-virus and PC performance boosters, he added.

The company will also next year provide search engine marketing and optimization free to firms that want to expand to the Chinese market.

According to Lee, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and Egypt are the four emerging markets where Baidu is expanding. The company also has a presence in Japan, South Korea and Western Europe.

Baidu is the most dominant search engine in China with over 75 percent market share. It has recently also been diversifying into new spaces such as wearables , mobile operating systems, and smart TVs .