Bamboo wood back option appears for custom Moto X

Many have been waiting for the wood back options on the Moto X and yesterday a bamboo option appeared on the Moto Maker site.

Bamboo back option appears for custom Moto X
Image: 9to5 Google

While I enjoy my custom navy and orange Moto X there are a lot of people holding out for one with a wood back. 9to5Google first posted the news that a bamboo option was available for a $100 premium.

This morning when I went to the MotoMaker site the bamboo back option, under the natural category, now shows as 'not available' and will no longer let you select this back color option. There was no definitive shipping date for the wood back and now we don't know when it will be available for ordering again.

There are also rumors that three other wood options may eventually be offered to customers. There are not any opportunities for existing Moto X owners to switch to a wood back, which I am sure many people would pay the $100 premium to have done to their device.

The wood back is a cool idea and some of the rumored wood options I have seen are attractive. I am perfectly happy with my navy blue and orange Moto X and won't be looking to replace it with a wood device.

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