Bangladesh hackers breach Pakistan govt site

They demand the government to arrest Pakistan hacker Shadow008 for his alleged cybercrimes, which include defacing Bangladeshi sites.

Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers engaged in a cyberbrawl over the weekend, when the latter group hacked the official Web site of Pakistan's Punjab Assembly (PA). The Banglasesh group made demands to arrest a Pakistani hacker for his cybercrimes, but the site was restored within half an hour.

According to The Daily Times on Monday, the Bangladeshi hackers, who call themselves "Cr4ck-Br4iN, RoTating RoTor and Ablaze EVER", had used unknown IP addresses to hack the Punjab Assembly's official Web site on Sunday morning.

They posted an image with a crude hand gesture on the Web page after taking administrative control of the site. They also showed their aggression in a message against a Pakistan hacker named "Shadow008" and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for its "failure" to control local hackers.

"This Is PayBak [sic] To Shadow008 For Hacking Our Bangladeshi Sites!... Dear Site Admin, One pakistani [sic]so-called hacker, Shadow008, is responsible for this defacement. He hacked some Bangladeshi Websites. That [sic] why we did this. If u want to avoid further attack on ur website, file a complain against the terrorist hacker Shadow008 in FIA. Otherwise we wont [sic] stop," the message by the Bangladeshi hackers read.

The hackers further noted Shadow008 was responsible for the defacement of Google Pakistan last month, and said, "Pressurize your law enforcement agency to make this criminal busted and let us live in peace and also let us leave u in peace". 

Bangladeshi hackers posted this image and message on the Pakistan Assembly Web site after breaching it (credit: Daily Times)

Thirty minutes after the cyberattack, Pakistani hackers succeeded in regaining control of the site and restoring it. They also left a message for the assembly's Web site administrator that they could be followed on Facebook.

Security experts told the Pakistan news site there were several groups of hackers in Pakistan who have "more skills than hackers of any other country to secure local interest". They were also allies of Chinese hacking groups and have proved their abilities in the cyberwar between China and the U.S., and China and Japan over the last two decades, the security experts added.

Pakistan's plans to convert its now defunct Prevention of Electronics Crime Ordinance (PECO) into law had also been delayed, as stakeholders could not agree on critical clauses last month. A draft crafted by legal and industry experts  stated the FIA had to follow strict procedural guidelines to avoid misuse of power, but the federal agency had been unwilling to compromise on its authority. 


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