Barclay's new PayTag sticker turns any phone into an NFC credit card

Barclay's latest NFC effort aims to make it easier for those without near-field communications technology in their phones to make contactless payments.

With near-field communications payment systems still in their tentative infancy, credit card companies are trying whatever they can to increase consumer interest in the technology.

The latest effort is from the U.K.-based Barclays, which is introducing PayTag, a NFC sticker that can make any device NFC-ready.

PayTag, which acts an extension of the regular Barclaycard, simply affixes to the back of a phone and it's ready for use. That should probably make it clear that a phone isn't even a required part of the set up at all. Theoretically, the sticker could turn your toaster or even your own body into an NFC-ready payment device. (Hell, you could even have a recursive payment system wherein you turn your credit card into an NFC-enabled credit card and make payments while you make payments.)

Not to be a downer about it, of course. Any attempts at getting NFC on the minds (and smartphones) of consumers will only serve to accelerate the process of making the whole venture that much more commonplace.

PayTag will be offered in the U.K over the next few months and will eventually support payments for up to £20.