Barnes & Noble chops $25 off price of Nook Color

Is a $25 price drop enough to save the Nook?

In what I'm assuming is in response to Amazon's revamped Kindle lineup, Barnes and Noble is cutting the price of its Nook Color ebook reader by $25 for new customers.

Shortly after Amazon's press event, this email started landing in the inboxes of Barnes & Noble customers:

If the $25 isn't enough to tempt you, then what about the free shipping?

Personally, I think that Amazon has set the price bar for ebook readers and and tablets that all OEMs (except Apple) will now have to limbo under. Some will find ways to cut corners, other won't. A $25 cut off the Nook really isn't enough.

Amazon's stolen the Holidays from Barnes & Noble.

[UPDATE: A Barnes and Noble PR representative tells me that this promo has been 'been offered for some time to new members'.]