Barnes & Noble intros Nook Press self-publishing program

Can Barnes & Noble's new self-publishing program both compete with Amazon and save the Nook brand?


Barnes & Noble is expanding its Nook portfolio to include a new self-publishing portal for authors.

The goals here are simple: reinvigorate the Nook e-book brand and business as well as aim to compete on a more level playing field with Amazon.

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Dubbed Nook Press, the platform is technically the second generation of B&N's original self-publishing platform PubIt.

While B&N boasted that 25 percent of Nook e-book sales were generated by PubIt titles, a rebranding with a fresher look and a familiar name could help boost this program further.

For authors, B&N is promising a "simple and competitive compensation model" where Nook Press authors can price titles between 99 cents and $199.99.

For Nook Press titles priced between $2.99 and $9.99, authors will received 65 percent of the listed price sold. For everything $2.98 or less as well as $10.00 or more, authors get 40 percent. File size is irrelevant.

For comparison's sake, Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing offers a slightly different model with 35 percent and 70 percent royalty options.

Authors in the Nook Press program can now publish their titles to be sold on Nook devices and reading apps across the United States and the United Kingdom.