Barnes & Noble is the first Angry Birds Magic Place for your Nook Color

The B&N Nook Color is a powerful ebook reader with Android tablet functionality and now you can get free access to the Mighty Eagle when you visit your local store.

The Nook Color is a good ebook reader and a decent Android tablet too. Today, B&N announced that you can take your Nook Color into a physical Barnes & Noble store and use the Mighty Eagle for free to clear levels in Angry Birds. B&N stores are the first official Angry Birds Magic Places and for a limited time you can get stickers and temporary tattoos in stores.

I enjoy playing Angry Birds and they have done a good job of adding things such as movie related games with Rio so it is great to see them now adding in some geolocation features with Magic Places. I know I have been stuck on levels before so now folks may visit physical B&N stores to clear a level with the Mighty Eagle. The Angry Birds Nook app costs $2.99, but there is no cost for using the Mighty Eagle in stores. Don't forget you also get free WiFi access in B&N stores too.

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