Barnes & Noble launches next-generation Nook Tablet

Barnes and Noble took more than body shots at its closest rival, as it unveiled the next-generation Nook Tablet.

NEW YORK -- Barnes & Noble only a short time ago announced its latest Android-powered tablet: the Nook Tablet, designed to command the upcoming holiday season, and to take on Amazon, its closest competitor.

The Nook Tablet has an improved dual-core 1Ghz processor with 1GB RAM, and will retail at $249. Weighing under a pound, the company claims the tablet will have the lowest reflection and glare of any tablet on the market.

The device will be the same shape as the Nook Color, with a 7-inch screen, and will last on battery for 11.5 hours of reading.

It also boasts 9 hours of video playback, supports 1080p video, and will offer Netflix, Pandora and Hulu Plus as preloaded applications, according to William Lynch, the company's chief executive officer.

(Source: CNET, CBS Interactive)

The tablet, though has "safe and dependable" Nook Cloud storage offered by the company, will offer 16GB internal memory, with an expandable storage slot for 32GB more. Compared directly to Amazon's competitor, the Kindle Fire "only has 8GB and is not upgradable", whereas the Nook Tablet has a potential capacity of 45GB storage.

But can it appeal to those hell-bent on buying a $199 priced Kindle Fire?

Though only $50 more, the Kindle brand alone will hold more weight, even though Barnes & Noble may have the larger selection of books. Plus, specification wise, the Nook Tablet has greater hardware, making the device somewhat more enticing for those with a higher budget.

In other, but related news, the Nook Color will go on sale at $199, while the Nook SimpleTouch will feature a new e-ink display in the update, and will be 25 percent faster than other e-ink products on the market. Claiming that it will last twice as long on battery, there will also be "no annoying ads".

It will go on sale at $99, rivalling the Kindle Touch directly in price and feature specification.

The devices are available for pre-order today, and will be in stores beginning next week.