Barnes & Noble readying new Nook for November 7 debut

Something wicked this way comes: Barnes & Noble is bringing out a new Nook soon.

It's (almost) official: Barnes & Noble will be making a very special announcement on Monday, November 7 about the Nook brand.

How do we know it's about the Nook? For starters, Barnes & Noble sent out an invitation on October 31 to next week's media event at B&N's flagship Union Square location in New York City with a bright green lowercase "n" logo. The event will begin at 10 AM EST.

Reports started circulating at the end of last week that B&N would be unveiling a Nook Color 2 in early November, with a ship date expected before Amazon's Kindle Fire officially goes on sale on November 15. Thus, this rumor matches up nearly perfectly with the press invite.

If this isn't the next generation of the Nook Color, it would be incredibly shocking and disappointing, not to mention foolish considering imminent launch of the Kindle Fire, which is almost sure to set off a firestorm (excuse the pun) this holiday season.

If it is the Nook Color 2 (which let's face it, it must be), it's generally agreed upon that the Nook Color 2 will need to impress analysts, investors, and consumers should it be an actual threat to the Kindle Fire let alone a success on its own.

That includes a better price point, higher-end specs, and some kind of ecosystem or partnership with media content providers to bridge the point between colorized e-book reader and low-end (yet worthy) Android tablet.

So be sure to tune in next week when ZDNet covers the Nook announcement live from NYC on Monday along with plenty of post-event analysis.