Barnes & Noble's new Nook is shipping now for $139

Barnes & Noble had a 10 June shipping date for the new Nook, but it looks like this latest eInk device is ready to ship now.

I am a big fan of the Barnes & Noble Nook and still have my original one from 2009 that I use from time-to-time. I may be writing a new book on the latest Nook and thus went to pre-order one tonight. Imagine my surprise when I found that Barnes & Noble's site shows the new Nook is available now and mine is shipping on 1 June instead of the 10 June date they previously stated. It is always good when a product ships earlier than planned and I look forward to checking out the tiny new Nook.

While I use my iPad, Nook, and other devices for reading books, I am looking forward to the smaller device with much better eInk display since I find it a better experience to read without being distracted. Getting a low cost eBook reader in time for summer reading is perfect too since I won't have to worry so much about breaking a $900 iPad or $500 smartphone. Even in this day and age of iPads and Android tablets I think there is a place for low cost eInk devices that still give a superior reading experience to the end user, don't you?

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