BBC: Why fans are so 'devoted' to Apple

A BBC documentary last night claimed that many Apple fans' brains react in the same way to the company and its products as they do with religious imagery.

It seems the once unsaid has finally been said, and seemingly proven at the same time. Apple is 'like a religion', and there appears to be at least a first draft of evidence to support the claim.

There is a reason why Apple fanboys and fangirls are so devoted to the organisation. Scientists found, as broadcast in a BBC documentary last night, that the Apple brand plays directly with the religious centers of the brain.

"The results suggested that Apple was actually stimulating the same parts of the brain as religious imagery does in people of faith", said Alex Riley and Adam Boone, producers of the BBC series.

One religious leader, the Bishop of Buckingham in the United Kingdom, even aligned the corporation with that of a religion.

Maybe now we will know why Apple fans appear to be difficult to be dissuaded from any criticism the company faces; even in light of great controversy.

As an atheist, at least I find answers for myself in this. It answers why I am neither for or against the company, its products or its services. I feel as connected to Apple as I do with God, or any other company: none.

But one should always respect others' beliefs and alliances; in tech and otherwise. It doesn't matter which operating system you use, the type of device you own or any allegiance you feel towards a particular brand or product.

While I may be critical of the company, its products and its tactics, perhaps it is masking a burgeoning desire to own the entire range of iProducts. Or not, as the case is most likely.

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