BBM for Android and iOS released, sign up for the queue now

There haven't been a lot of lines for BlackBerry devices in the past, but for some reason there seems to be a lot of excitement for BBM on Android and iOS.

BBM for Android and iOS released, but you must get in the queue first

BlackBerry has teased launching BBM for iOS and Android for a while now and today is release day, as reported on BlackBerry's blog. Even though you can download it to your device, you can't use it just yet.

I enjoyed using the BlackBerry Q10 and even the Z10 , but still only have about five BBM friends on the BlackBerry platform. That said, I refreshed the Google Play BBM for Android page until I was able to download it on my Note 3.

Installing and then launching BBM for Android just gets you into the queue as soon as you enter your email address. I have been in the queue for about an hour and have no idea when I will get the email giving me access to BBM so I cannot talk about my experiences with the app.

The bigger question for me is, will I finally get more than five friends on BBM? If I do, it's certain that those friends are not running it on BlackBerry hardware.

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