Beam your iPad screen to Macs and PCs for presentations

The iPad is a decent tool for giving presentations except for the small screen. When a larger display is needed, beam your iPad screen to a Mac or PC.


As a fan of using the iPad to give impromptu presentations, I have found it can be less than ideal with several in the audience trying to see the small screen. There's an easy solution that involves shooting the iPad screen to a MacBook or PC laptop.

AirServer is an app that runs on Macs and PCs that accepts AirPlay requests to mirror screens from iPads. Since the iOS side is based on AirPlay no app is needed on the iPad.

The AirServer app on the laptop is a server that runs in the background and continually scans for AirPlay requests. Both the iPad and laptop running AirServer must be on the same network.

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Once the server is running, simply open the iPad control center by swiping up from the bottom of any screen. Tap AirPlay and the laptop should appear as an available destination to beam the screen. Select it and make sure the mirroring toggle is on. The iPad display will seamlessly beam to the laptop.

This is good for presentations on the go when a bigger screen than the iPad is a better option. Just set up your MacBook or Windows laptop running 8.1 and you're in business. This has the benefit of letting you control the presentation from your iPad without blocking the display as you would if running the presentation directly on the laptop.

Since using this method simply mirrors the tablet screen to the laptop, it's not restricted to giving presentations. It is a good fit for any activity that is better served by a bigger screen. This is why this solution is popular in the education sector, as AirServer will beam the iPad screen to multiple devices at the same time.

AirServer is available for Macs and PCs in several licensed versions for both individuals and companies. The business version is currently $19.99. The Windows version of the server has the additional benefit of also using Miracast, as many PCs can work with it. This enables the use of some Android tablets instead of the iPad.

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