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Have you ever wished for a better way to keep track of all sorts of factors that affect the many aspects of your health?

A patient who proudly self-identifies as a self-quantifier recently told me about a website he's started using. It's called HealtheHuman, and it allows you to track daily data in a large number of health areas, as well as serve as a repository for information about health history, and health "events" (such as allergy attacks or bad headaches).

Some of the nifty daily trackers include bladder and bowel, blood sugar, blood pressure, body composition and measurements, body temperature, cholesterol, diet and nutrition, lab results, workouts, medications, moods, and more.

Other features of the site include the ability to track goals, generate reports and export data so you can bring it with you to your next appointment with your health care provider.

The site also includes charting and analysis tools to help you identify trends in your health and course correct where necessary. This is the aspect that seems most exciting to me, because knowledge is power, and awareness is often an important precursor to change.

I'm not sure how much crossover is possible in charting different health areas in order to assess correlation and/or causation. However, getting all your data together in one place can have distinct advantages over trying to keep multiple tracking systems going, and certainly beats the time-honored approach of struggling with an overstuffed file folder overflowing with dog-eared out-of-order documents.

The slight bummers are that, as far as I can tell, there's currently no mobile availability, and since it incorporates flash, it won't work on your iPad.

Even so, I plan to give this website a try. Who knows, it may even wind up replacing the wiki my family is currently using to track health information.

How do you keep track of your health data? Are you using any sort of tracking methodology? Would you give something like HealtheHuman a try? Let us know in the TalkBacks below.


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