Behind the Scenes: Next Gen Mobile Technology

Behind the Scenes: Next Gen Mobile TechnologyAuthor: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comWith infrastructure speeds continually improving at the network level of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies, the realities of “the third screen” are becoming more realistic.

Behind the Scenes: Next Gen Mobile Technology Author: Eric Everson, Founder

With infrastructure speeds continually improving at the network level of the world’s leading mobile telecommunications companies, the realities of “the third screen” are becoming more realistic. Today handsets capture and share video with ease which is something that seemed like a distant reality just five years ago.

Thinking back to the days of squinting to make out those fuzzy images that friends would send from their cell phones five years ago, today’s handsets are seemingly HD in contrast. The reality is that handsets are steadily becoming more sophisticated and capable while improvements remain continuous at the network level throughout the world. As the seemingly distant imagery of live rich media tantalizes us today, the reality is that such features may be much closer on the horizon than anticipated.

Two of the critical measures that must be put in place to fuel this digital expansion are mobile search engines and mobile distribution engines. As one could imagine companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the like are fiercely developing their offerings with respect to becoming the mobile search engines of choice. The other side of this coin however are mobile distribution engines, which from a mobile content provider’s perspective are the holy grail to next generation mobile content delivery. For me, this is an area that hits very close to home.

When we first got started developing our products at, one thing we realized was that if we wanted to develop a mobile security software for all cell phone users, we had to have a delivery infrastructure in place that was up to the task. The problem was that in 2005 when we were knee deep in R&D, there wasn’t a turnkey solution already available for us to employ. Thus we developed what is now the patent-pending MyMobiSafe Distribution Engine which remains on the cutting edge of next generation mobile distribution engines. Imagine for a moment being able to load content into a single platform and with the click of a button delivery that very content to every cell phone customer in the world simultaneously. That’s the door of innovative technology that we are knocking on today.

People tend to conjoin the realm of mobile search with that of computer-based search, which as a company like Microsoft can attest (relative to the OS environment) can be a critical miscalculation. As the sophistication of mobile devices continues to improve and data-driven components become increasingly saturated throughout the market, mobile search is an emerging market where nobody can afford to let their guard down. Just as we have taken an engine once designed exclusively to distribute mobile security software and have tailored it to meet the mass market distribution needs of tomorrow’s market, so must the existing technologies of those already in mobile search also evolve.

As handsets become “the third screen” (a phrase popularized by Gary Forsee the former CEO of Sprint-Nextel) the future of search will remain at the forefront of innovative development. We expect to see a lot of acquisition and all around development in this area as the future of mobile search remains an emerging market of abundant opportunity. Just as small companies like mine have invested in this market, the reality remains that the future of mobile search is anyone’s game. As so much energy is being thrust behind the scenes relevant to driving the future of mobile search, it is the entire mobile community that stands to gain the most. As only the future can foretell, who will emerge as the global leader in mobile search?

Your go-to guy in innovative tech, - Eric E: aka The MobileTech

Eric Everson is a leading mobile technologies researcher and is the founder of If you would like to contact Eric Everson for interview or with research related inquiries contact him directly at


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