Behold, the Octofire 8-port USB charger

No more swapping out USB cables in crowded conference rooms. This monster charger on Kickstarter can juice up an entire squad of mobile devices.

Here's a problem I know at least our own James Kendrick and Matt Miller share -- they own too many gadgets and don't have enough places on their power strips to charge them all.

Their problems aren't unique, however. Perhaps you're just receptacle challenged on a business trip, or you've walked into a crowded conference room at where everyone needs to juice up their device at the same time.

Enter the Skiva Power Flow Octofire Turbo, which reached its funding goal in only four days on Kickstarter. This 8-port, 16.8A / 84W USB charger is ideal for those people with device overload and only want to carry a single power brick, or for families or businesses that may need to charge a large number of devices simultaneously.

Because each USB port is capable of 2.1 amps at 5V, it can deliver at the full charging speed of the device's original OEM charger, as opposed to the slower charging rates that may occur with similar products using 1.1A ports or simply just charging the device from a spare USB port on a laptop computer, which are usually not rated high enough to charge a smartphone or a tablet at native charging speeds.

So you can have power-hungry devices like the iPad Air, the iPhone 5, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and a Galaxy S4 all charging simultaneously and still have 4 ports avaliable to charge additional devices at full speed. 

The 100-240VAC power supply that comes with the Octofire is international, so it will work in all countries with the proper plug/pin adapter.

The Octofire Turbo is expected to retail at $100 or more when it ships in February of 2014, but if you get in on the action early on Kickstarter, you can pre-order it for half price.