Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case: Thinner than the iPad mini

The iPad mini can be a productive tool when used with a good keyboard. Belkin has introduced a model that serves as a protective cover and turns easily into a typing machine.

FastFit open
Image credit: Belkin

Those wanting a small case for the iPad mini have another choice as mobile accessory maker Belkin has introduced the FastFit Keyboard Case. At only 7mm (0.27in) thick the FastFit Case is thinner than the svelte iPad mini. It completely protects the expensive iPad mini screen during transport and turns into a solid typing machine with just a flip.

Like other keyboard cases for the iPad mini, Belkin has designed the keyboard on the FastFit with nearly full-sized keys that make it possible for touch typists to type at a decent speed in spite of the small size of the keyboard.

The iPad mini is held securely in the FastFit by magnets; the magnets use smart cover technology that turns the iPad mini on/off by opening/closing the case.

The case comes in white or black and is available now from Belkin for $79.99. The FastFit Keyboard Case is on the way so a hands-on review is forthcoming.

The selection of keyboards for both the iPad and the iPad mini is growing all the time meaning good choice for owners. The best of the lot are covered in the articles listed below.

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