BEME latest addition to women's Web

Girl power on the Net... againYet another female-oriented portal is due to be launched next month, promising to be the most comprehensive women's site yet on the Internet. is part of magazine publisher IPC's Internet business and will have access to content from its 70 titles, including women's magazines Marie Claire, Woman's Own and Woman and Home. It is the latest in a glut of sites for women, with currently leading the pack.

BEME is hoping to attract users by providing plenty of content. "The other sites are basically for shopping whereas we will be editorially led," says Victoria Harwood, BEME's information architect. She admits that and charlottestreet have set a precedent. "It is great they are out there, it shows there is a market."

In the US, sites catering for women are struggling to impress investors. and have both seen shares plummet in recent weeks. According to a MORI survey girl power has definitely arrived online, with women making up 43 percent of the Internet population. clocked up 100,000 visitors in its first two weeks online and BEME is hoping to attract half a million users by the end of the year.

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