BenQ, Siemens protect phones' future

And the employees?
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

And the employees?

While the future of BenQ Mobile hangs in the balance, the future of its handsets is now secure: BenQ and Siemens have secured a warranty deal to protect phones made by their now defunct joint venture.

The pair have signed up B2X Care Solutions to service phones bearing the Siemens or BenQ-Siemens marque, as of this month.

B2X will now look after warranties in Europe, Latin America and Russia, while BenQ will look after Asian users.

BenQ-Siemens, which started life in 2005 and went into insolvency early this year, has yet to find a buyer for its assets, despite a number of reportedly interested parties.

The future of employees at the former phone maker also remains undecided. According to Siemens, a €10m fund has been set up for ex-BenQ Mobile workers and 150 employees of the venture have been offered jobs at the German parent company.

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