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Best Amazon Prime Day 2021: Last chance on the best studio gear deals (Update: Expired)

For Prime Day 2021, here are the very best video studio gear deals on Amazon, Tuesday edition.

Update: Prime Day 2021 is done and dusted, so the deals below are no longer valid. Check out our ZDNet Recommends hub for a better look at the latest deals available -- including roundups of the best products for businesses and professionals. 

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Whether you want to be the next big YouTube star or you're just required to show your face in Zoom meetings, it's time to upgrade your video hardware. In this guide, we locate some of the better items that are on sale for Prime Day. Some of these are finds just because all video gear has been in short supply due to the pandemic. Some of these are genuinely good deals no matter what the current events.

The bottom line is this: If you're doing video, you need more than just your smartphone. You'll need sound, lighting, a place to put your camera, possibly a new camera, a tripod, and various mounts, backdrops, and accessories. 

Go for it! And when you produce some exciting YouTube videos, let us know in the comments below.

Well, folks, that's a wrap. These are the last of the 2021 Prime Day deals. Remember, when you buy from Amazon on Prime Day, it's not that you're helping to send Jeff Bezos into space, it's that you're helping fund new episodes of The Expanse. And for that, on behalf of Amos, Naomi, Jim, Chrisjen, Bobbie, Camina, and Alex, we thank you.

KASO 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

Save 56%


This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 5:20PM PDT and ends on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 11:20PM PDT.

I have a slightly different version of this little guy that I subject to all sorts of terrors, including filming laser cutting from inside the laser cutter. So far, it's taken a licking and kept on ticking.

GVM Dimmable Bi-color LED panel set

Save 50%


This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 12:10PM PDT and ends on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 6:10PM PDT.

I'll be honest. I've been giving serious thought to snapping this up myself. I have CFL lighting and some spot LEDs, but I don't have a full LED lighting kit. At half off, this is a heck of a deal, and one may very well find its way to Camp David during the Lightning Deal window.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Save 41%


This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 5:05PM PDT and ends on Tuesday 6/22/21 at 11:05PM PDT.

If you're a pro, monitor calibration can be a serious issue. The Datacolor Spyder line goes back, wow, to at least the 1990s. I had a predecessor of this one for my giant 27-inch tube-based display back in the day. So to say Datacolor knows calibration is, well, to say it. If you need this, you know it. And now you know there's a good discount for it on Prime Day.

You're welcome.