Best Prime Day deals 2019: IT technician and DIY repair tools

The best of the Prime Day IT and DIY repair tool deals for business on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The business strategy behind the sale

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Like tools? Amazon's Prime Day is a good day to fill up some space in your toolbox or upgrade tools that you use regularly. 

Best IT and DIY repair tool deals

KeySmart Pro for $37 ($21.60 off)

The KeySmart Pro is a compact key organizer with Tile smart location that lets you track your missing keys on a map, all from the free Tile app on your phone!      

OV LED 802100 Broadbeam LED Headlamp for $15 (20% off)

Ideal for peeking into PCs, server, or for looking for your keys under the bed. Low profile design means it's light and doesn't bang on things, while the three power settings mean you don't have to be blinding people while looking for stuff. 

Save on Dewalt tools ($10 off when you spend $50)

An excellent opportunity to grab power tools or consumables like drill bits or screwdriver bits. I'm quite fond of Dewalt gear because it fits nicely between the cheap stuff that won't last long and the expensive professional-grade gear that costs a fortune.

First Alert fire extinguisher (25% off)

First Alert's HOME1 Fire Extinguisher is UL rated 1-A: 10-B:C; it features durable all-metal construction with a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger.

Sugru Mouldable Glue ($4 off)

Great opportunity to stock up on this fantastic silicone-based mouldable glue. It has thousands of uses!

Wera screwdrivers and tools (20% off)

These are screwdrivers and tools that will if taken care of, can last a lifetime. Well-engineered, and with a range both for general usage and high-voltage use, these are a great addition to any toolbox.

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