Best Buy, Amazon cut HP TouchPad price

Both Best Buy and Amazon are dropping the price of the TouchPad. Will consumers notice?

Amazon and Best Buy are trying to make the TouchPad a more enticing buy for potential tablet owners. Both retailers have cut the price the 15GB TouchPad by $10 to $489.99. The 32GB TouchPad has taken a similar cut in price, with Amazon selling the device ten dollars cheaper than retail for $570.99. Amazon's price slightly edges out Best Buy, which is selling the 32 GB TouchPad for 579.99.

Might this slight dip in price give consumers on the fence a reason to invest in a TouchPad? That depends on who you ask. While the TouchPad no doubt has potential, reviews of the HP tablet haven't been particularly glowing so far. There is also the not insignificant matter of the 1.5 GHz model that was announced yesterday. Will customers plunk down cash for a the Wi-Fi TouchPad with a more powerful, 4G-ready version on the horizon?

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