Best Buy's newest connected HDTV offers the TiVo experience without the DVR

Best Buy's latest Insignia televisions may look like your Tivo, but they sure won't act like your TiVo.

Best Buy's latest  Insignia television is a bit of a strange thing. Offering what it calls "the TiVo experience", the Insignia Connected TV doesn't actually include a DVR. What this means is this: While the television's interface may remind you of TiVo's own, the television doesn't actually include any TiVo funcaitonaliry.

So, yeah, its a bit odd. Still, the television does allow users to connect to services like Netfix, YouTube, Napster, Pandora, and Cinema Now. So maybe its not all bad.

The Connected TV comes in two forms, one 32-inches, the other 24-inches, for $499 and $699, respectively. Best Buy says a major part of the television's appeal will lie in its ease of use, which might explain why tapped TiVo's familiar, but oft-maligned, interface.

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