Best car mount for your smartphone

It's not easy to mount your smartphone in your car in such a way that it's not going to end up under your brake pedal at the wrong moment. Here's a car mount that will make sure your smartphone stays where you want it to.

Following my "How to turn your tablet into a mobile workstation" piece the other day, many of you pointed out to me that it omitted a very important product for the road warrior--a car mount.

Over the years I've tried dozens--possibly hundreds--of car mounts for a number of devices ranging from smartphones to GPS receivers. These mounts have had price tags ranging in price from a few bucks to well over $100.

Most of the mounts turned out to be junk, either breaking easily or falling off regularly, while others seemed good until the day that that it falls off the screen or explodes into its constituent parts at the most awkward time possible.

This is not something you want happening on the highway when you're doing 70 miles per hour.

One car-mount brand stands head and shoulders above the rest, and it is RAM Mounts by National Product. Whatever you want to mount in your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle, RAM Mounts has a mount for you.

The mount I use is the RAM Universal X-Grip. Thanks to its innovative spring-loaded four mounting legs, this mount will accommodate not only an iPhone--with or without a case--but also any device that is between 0.875 and 3.25 inches wide, and a minimum of 4 inches in height.

(Credit: RAM Mounts)

I have the X-Grip attached to a 6-inch RAM double-socket arm, which is itself connected to the windshield using RAM's excellent 3.25-inch diameter suction cup twist-lock base. The suction cup is a monster, and if attached properly, there's no chance of it going anywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 08.54.06
(Credit: RAM Mounts)
  • RAM Universal X-Grip: $23.55

  • RAM double socket 6-inch arm: $20.38

  • RAM 3.25-inch diameter suction cup twist lock base: $16.95

  • Total: $60.88.

The great thing about this mount is that it will fit a wide range of devices--iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone--and thanks to the masses of socket arms and mounting options, you have masses of options.

In practice, my RAM mount set-up is rock solid and very reliable. There's hardly any vibration, and once that suction cup is attached, it stays put.

(Credit: ZDNet)
(Credit: ZDNet)