Best iPhone, iPad apps of 2015? Here's Apple's pick of the top 25

With Twitter's Periscope emerging as the best iPhone app of 2015, Apple has also ruled on its choices in the iPad category.


Apple has crowned Twitter's live video broadcasting app, Periscope, the top of app of 2015, with top iPad app of the year going to The Robot Factory.


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Periscope, which Twitter debuted in March in the wake of Meerkat, is this year's best iPhone app, according Apple's App Store editors who say they "debated" and "argued" over which apps would make the cut.

Runners-up in Apple's 2015 iPhone app stakes is photo-editing app Enlight from Israeli startup Lightricks, followed by commission-free stock-trading app Robinhood. Apple recognised Workflow from Deskconnect as the most innovative app of the year and Instagram as the best app on the iPhone 6s.

Others in the iPhone top 10 for 2015 include TV-streaming app HBO Now, airfare predictions app, Hopper, photo editor app Darkroom, health app Lark, and creativity app for kids The Everything Machine.

Though many of the top apps are already well-known, gaining an endorsement from Apple's editors still helps to cut through the noise of over one million other apps vying for a space on iPhones.

Periscope said it is surprised by the distinction of being chosen by Apple editors.

"When we launched Periscope this past March, we had no idea what to expect. We certainly hoped people would like what we had built, and would find value in using it. But we never expected our idea would be supported this much, or grow this fast. We certainly never expected to receive such high honors as this," the Periscope team said in a post on Medium.

Apple's editors selected different winners for the iPad, presumably based on those that make the most of adapting to the larger form factor.

For the iPad, Apple's editors voted for The Robot Factory, a kids app from New York-based Tinybop. It is followed by HBO Now, Patterning: Drum Machine, and LiquidText PDF and Document Reader. Best app for Apple's new iPad Pro goes to 2D and 3D sketching app uMake, which makes use of the iPad Pro Pencil.

Apple's list is markedly different from Google editors' top apps for 2015 on Google Play, which included among them two from Microsoft -- Skype and Word -- and two from Google: Google Photos and Google Translate, as well as Dubsmash, Twitch, Retrica and TouchPal.

Here's Apple's complete list:

  1. Periscope by Twitter Inc. (App of the Year)
  2. Enlight by Lightricks Ltd. (Runner Up)
  3. Robinhood - Free Stock Trading by Robinhood Markets, Inc.(Runner Up)
  4. Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple by DeskConnect, Inc. (Most Innovative)
  5. Instagram by Instagram Inc. (Best App on the iPhone 6s)
  6. HBO Now by HBO
  7. Hopper - Airfare Predictions by Hopper
  8. Darkroom - Photo Editor by Bergen Co.
  9. Lark - Personal Weight Loss Coach & 24/7 Nutritionist by LARK
  10. The Everything Machine by Tinybop Inc.
  11. Pacemaker by Pacemaker Music AB
  12. Tandem - Language Exchange by Tripod Technology
  13. Jet by
  14. Timeline - News in Context by, Inc.
  15. Vee for Video by Medious
  16. Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes by Nibble Apps ltd.
  17. Spark - Smart Email App for Work by Readdle
  18. RefME - Citations Made Easy by RefME
  19. Wildcard - Know the Day in News and Entertainment by Coopkanics Inc.
  20. Paper - Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree, Inc.
  21. GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera by Giphy Inc,
  22. PRY by Tender Claws LLC
  23. Reuters TV: Video News by Thomson Reuters
  24. Zova by ZOVA
  25. Blue Apron by Blue Apron Inc.